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Metal Recycling Containers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, helps you secure and store metal scraps in durable metal recycling containers. With help from Allegheny Iron & Metal Company Inc., you'll have room for all of the iron and steel you no longer need.


Each roll-off container is about 22 feet long, five feet high, and eight feet wide. These containers are rolled off of a truck and put in the place you designate.

When you have filled up your roll-off, give Allegheny Iron & Metal Company Inc. a call. Let us know if you need another container or if you want us to pick up the one you have. We provide service for commercial and industrial customers.

Load Luggers

A load lugger is slightly less than half the size of a roll-off container, so if a roll-off is a 20-yard container, then the load lugger is about an eight-yard container. Because they are smaller, load luggers are perfect for companies that produce metal punch-outs and do not require bigger containers.

Metal, Metal Recycling Containers in Philadelphia, PA

Contact our scrap metal buyers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for more information about containers that suit your needs.